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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I broke my foot. I stubbed my toe on A SHOE and broke my toe. I can't believe it. My toe has turned completely black and purple. It is gonna be a tough couple days.

Ian is doing good, he has mastered sitting up and we had to take the mobile off the crib today because he sat up in bed and was yanking at it. He has been trying to pull himself up on everything too, but so far only made it up in the tub.

We got some of his Christmas presents yesterday, a few toys, and sleepers and some stuff he needs. I totally can't wait till Christmas! I will take loads of pics.

Our anniversary went well, we had a babysitter and went to Harry Potter. It was pretty good, better than any of the others. But I wouldn't take a kid to it. It is really dark and scary! The one thing I missed was Harry's Muggle relatives being mean to him. That was always so satisfying. All in all pretty good show.

Not much else to say, so here are a couple pics taken only an hour and a half ago:

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