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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, Travis came home early, so he got to see a messy house after all. :( But he is ok. Too tired to complain I guess. He has the flu. Poor guy.

We didn't do much else here today. Went and ran some errands, picked up a few things, etc. The weather was terrible today, raining and pouring on and off with terrible winds. There was a tree blown down across Lacewood Drive today. It just missed us when it fell! Well, actually, it was already there, but we almost hit it when we came around a curve too fast! Well, actually, we came by it long after it fell, and could see it a far way off so we just changed lanes. I was just fantasizing about some excitement in my life.

Ian did manage to sit himself up this morning by himself, I was very proud! I think it was an accident though. But that of course means he should be able to do it on purpose within a few days. So I guess that means there will be no stopping him! So I better get some rest now while I still can.

On that note, I am gonna turn in, but before I go, here is my favorite picture of the day:

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