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Monday, November 14, 2005

Video Killed the Baby-o star

Lucky me, I have nice neighbors. My neighbor across the street, the same one who loaned me the baby swing and the car saucer thingy has also loaned me their camcorder. How nice is that! So guess what friends and family, mom, dad, sisters, in laws, and best friend are gonna get a video of Ian for Christmas. I am going to make a tape of him the next few days, edit it, and make a bunch of copies to send to everyone. I am so excited. I already taped him eating supper, playing with his noisy ball toy, and having a bath. I will throw in a tour of my house as well for those who have not yet seen it.

Ian was really cute today. We were rolling him a little soccer ball and he would laugh and laugh. It was great because up until now he has only laughed when you tickle him and even then not all the time.

We are also going to be walking every Mon, wed and Friday. So now I have no excuse; I will have to go because she will be expecting me!

In other news, Travis sailed today. He will be gone a month. It will be sad for him because Ian will be going through so many changes in the next while. But they will be stopping in Norfolk which is a very large navy base. He hopes to have a chance to tour an aircraft carrier when he is there. I know, it sounds mindlessly dull to you and I, but to Travis an aircraft carrier is better than... um... something. I can't think of anything. But you know what I mean.

I can't wait until Travis gets back so we can put up the Christmas tree. We usually do it on the first but not this year. I am really looking forward to Ian's first christmas! I am already in the Holiday Mood.

Here is my pic today. Ian was about 2-3 months old in it. He is way bigger now and his legs hang over the edge!

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