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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Oh, Crap!

There I was watching tv and I looked and saw Ian playing happily on the floor, and I was struck suddenly by overwhelming love for him (as often happens). So I go down on the floor pick him up, lay him on my tummy and start hugging him. I kissed him and hugged him and loved him the whole time wondering how I got something wet on my arm....

So I looked at said arm and saw that his back was poopy. When I squeezed him I squeezed the poop right out of the diaper and up his back, then hugged him and smeared it all over. I was amazingly revolted! So for the first time ever I had to take that boy down, peel his poopy clothes off and give him a bath. First poop induced bath ever!

We lived though. It was actualy a pretty wierd day. Ian woke up at 3:45 in the morning and would not go to sleep. I went in to make sure his foot wasn't stuck, straightened him out, put him back on his back, whatever. At one point, (about 6:30) I actually picked him up and cuddled him because he was freaking out so much. Then I laid him back down and went back to bed (for about the hundredth time)

I could hear him in there gasping like kids do when they calm down after crying too hard. Then he gasped. Silence.......Gasp......Silence.......Gasp.......silence....................I got very nervous. I went in there and he was gasping, but in between gasping he would breathe so quietly I couldn't even tell he was breathing. And there were loooooong breaks in between gasping. I was so paranoid I sat there for another half an hour. Then I gave up and went to bed again. It was about 7:30. We both slept till 9:45. It messed with our whole day!

Well, tomorrow Ian is 6 months old. Yay! I can't believe I have been a mama for half a year already! We are celebrating by taking him out early in the morning and having him poked with needles! He's gonna loooove that!! Anyway, I will be sure to let everybody tomorrow know how his doctor appointment goes.

Watched Mulan II this morning. Do I really have to say anything? I mean, anybody who has ever seen a Disney sequel should know better, but here I go again watching Disney sequels. Anyway, the worst thing about it was that they go on this mission to save China. Everybody ends up happy in the end, Mulan gets married, everybody hooks up with everybody else, and MooShoo keeps his job. But there is no mention of whether or not they succeed in saving China!!!!! I almost had a stroke!

Also watched The Terminal today. That is a good movie. Tom Hanks does a pretty good job in it of playing a guy who doesn't speak any English. In fact, it is my opinion that the definition of a good actor is when you forget who it is while you are watching the movie. And I forgot it was Tom Hanks! Good job! I really like the guy who played the airport guy as well. He was in The Core, but I don't know his name. And Catherine Zeta Jones looked perfect as usual. Funny movie, touching and entertaining. Totally recommended by me.

Here is a pic today, an early image of the baby-o:

***Addendum to this post, Stupid MSN spaces deleted the photo so I don't know which photo I had with this post. Sorry folks!***

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