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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Exploding Cauliflower

Bought a cauliflower today. I like cauliflower. I cut it up into pieces and cooked some for supper. The rest I cut up and put into baggies and put in the freezer for later. But every time my knife touched the cauliflower, bits of it would fly off! I had cauliflower all over a 10 foot radius of where I was cutting it... stuck to the wall, on the floor, on the windows....Broccoli is so much easier.

Ian managed about 2 crawling steps today, Mama was so proud! Then he fell on his tummy. Then he vomited. Not so proud then. But it's progress. He still can't sit himself up though. Soon I hope. He was baby sat for the first time today. Only half an hour. I went to the grocery store. It was FUN! I got to go get groceries in the pouring dumping rain and blasting gusting wind but I didn't have to rush Baby in and out of the car. Then I went and picked him up (he was good...and he was so happy to see me!) and we went to the library. I did have to ruch baby in and out of the car there, but I couldn't go there without him.

He has also figured out drawers. Damn. I guess it is time to break out that fresh, never been used, still in the package, tag attached, "NO!"

Ian was in a very very good mood today, smiling at every look I gave him, wiggling, and exercising. His favorite exercise? "Standing" on his hands and tippy toes. It looks like some kind of yoga position. He's getting a little baby six pack. Me? I have a big mama keg. But luckily it isn't a beer keg, it is a syrup keg. Cuz I'm so sweet. Hardee har har har.

Well on that dismal note, I will sign off. Have a happy today folks. Here's a pic:

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