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Friday, November 11, 2005

Poor Travis

November 11
Poor Travis
The poor guy hurt his ankle again. I feel so bad for him, he has the flu and now this. Poor guy just can't get a break. Plus he is duty tonight so he is stuck on the ship on Friday night. Alas for him!

Ian and I had a bath together. I put him in the tub but the hot water just seemed so tempting I got in with him and we splashed and played with the boats. It is a whole navy. I named the little boats. The little ship is the IPS Daddy, (cuz he works on a ship) the little sailboat is the IPS Mommy (cuz I want to take sailing lessons one day) and the little submarine is the IPS Baby. (cuz he is always underfoot) Wondering what IPS stands for? It means Ian's Plastic Ship!

The kitty escaped this morning, I don't know how. But she showed up at the back door later on all shivering. I wish she wasn't so dumb. As a punishment I held her down so Ian could "pet" her. Hee hee. He really likes her. His face lights up when he sees her. And she is pretty good with him, she lets him "pet" her, she doesn't growl or anything. And anybody who knows my cat knows that is pretty amazing, as she has been called "The Devil" "Satan Cat" "Pure Evil" and "Nasty Rotten Beast" by various people who have visited my home. Maybe she realizes Ian is a little higher up on the family heirarchy here.

I've been watching Degrassi a lot lately. Both the new one, and the old ones that run on showcase and showcase diva. They are pretty interesting. They sure bring back memories. It is really wierd because the kids on the old show seem so young, like little kids, but at the same time, when it originally aired and I watched it growing up the kids were all way older than me, I was in Elementary and Junior High school when it aired. So it is kind of surreal because part of my brain says they are kids and part of my brain says they are older than me. So all in all it is pretty bizarre. Anyway, Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, and Degrassi TNG are all pretty good shows and everybody should watch them if they get a chance (if only for the wierd clothes and hairstyles!)

Also you know that commercial for Wendy's Southwest Chicken Sandwich? The one where it is all close ups on the guy as he describes the sandwich? He has a gritty voice and he keeps describing the sandwich. He is like "I like it like that" and "Fo-ca-cia" and "nnngghh" in this raspy voice like Clint Eastwood. Anyway, every time I see that ad I just about pee my pants! It kills me, I don't know why but it is seriously the most hilarious thing on tv these days. I just thought I would point it out because it is my favorite commercial right now and it just came on tv a minute ago.

Well thats it for me today! Here is my fave pic for today: (they can't all be the baby, hahaha)

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