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Monday, November 21, 2005

Busy Couple Days

On Sunday we went swimming. Ian had a good time. I sat him on the little island in the middle of the pool and he splashed. He seemed to be having fun but he mostly seemed totally amazed at the place. He sure was cute. He was good while we were changing and all too.

Today we went for a visit across the street. Ian was pretty good there too. Those kids are getting used to him a bit and aren't so in his face when we go over.

To tell the truth though, Yesterday and today were pretty dull. I did housework and watched tv, other than those 2 outings. Nothing much to report! That's why I didn't post yesterday. I just wanted to make sure everyone who may be checking this blog with any regularity knows I am not letting it slip... I just didn't have much to report!

So on that note, here is a pic for today.... as I said, I am running out so sorry if they start repeating!

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