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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pets and Parks

Well, we took off this afternoon to the Sir Sandford Fleming Park. Probably my favorite park in the whole city because it is so picturesque and because you can always see starfish and sea anemones and what not in the water. I put Ian in the swing and swung him, he really liked that. Did not take pics because camera batteries died today. So I guess batteries are on the shopping list along with USB cable. Then we went walking around and looked at stuff. It was pretty chilly but Ian had on his snow suit and I guess he was cozy enough because he fell asleep.

Also stopped in at the SPCA today. I wanted to see about doing some volunteer work. I filled out an application and likely should hear from them soon. As I may have mentioned to some people, I am thinking of taking a vet assistant course some time in the future and I think it would look good to have some volunteer work in that area. In addition, walking dogs is good exercise. Just think I can have all the benefits of having a dog without having to have a dog! But mostly I want to do volunteer work because this Christmas has really put me in the giving mood.

Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Here is my pic for today, in honour of pets:

***Probably a cat picture went missing here. Bastards***

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