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Monday, November 14, 2005

Lazy Poo

Ok, I know I haven't been posting as much as usual but I have been busier than a little bee lately. Yesterday Travis and I went and got all the stuff we need for Christmas...except actual presents. Eeeep! We got all the stuff we need for Christmas baking and dinner except for the perishable stuff. We got some lights, we got road salt and washer fluid, some cleaning supplies, and a tree. It is a real tree, the first one we ever had! Then of course five minutes after we get it home it started snowing so we stuck it in the stand and put it in the kitchen to drip dry. So all through supper I was trying to do dishes and cook with a gigantic tree in the middle of the kitchen. Blech!

Last night we decorated the tree. It was so nice compared to the fake one we've been using for years. It smells nice and it is the perfect size to fit in the living room window. I was kinda apprehensive about Ian this morning but he hardly paid it any attention.

Speaking of Ian, what a little puppy he's turning out to be. He just follows me everywhere and as soon as I stop long enough for him to catch up he attaches himself to my leg. He's been pulling himself up on the furniture, too, and has fallen a number of times. He has a couple little bruises on his head. He's had some bad looking falls too but I guess it is just a part of being a baby.

Travis and I have a Christmas party to go to on Friday and nothing to wear. I feel like Cinderella. I have a great black dress with pink tulle under the skirt which doesn't fit (thanks Ian, after all I did for you) or a maternity dress. And I think Travis may have put on a little baby weight as well. So I don't know what we will do but I guess we will contrive something. Trav's uncle is babysitting for us. It should be fun anyway, even if we look like a couple of hoboes.
So today I had to shovel again, Luckily it was light fluffy snow so not too much problem. But it was windy so it kept blowing back in my face. I seemed to be busy all day with housework too and I had to wrap some stuff also so not much time for anything fun. I'm pretty worn out and I know I have to keep right on going tomorrow. Plus Travis stepped on my foot yesterday (yes that foot) so it has been hurting today as well.

For today I have a picture of Travis putting the star on the tree. I'll try to get a picture of Ian doing something tomorrow. I'm sure he will do something photogenic. Ha ha!

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