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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Happy Anniversary

To start off, thanks everybody for your comments! Especially from my squisters, its good to know you are keeping up with us here.

Secondly, I would like to wish myself a happy anniversary! 2 years down, 48 to go and then we can get some gold stuff for presents. Anyway, we have a babysitter and a fabulous date planned. Harry Potter here we come!

Thirdly, we got a camera cable finally. So I have a huge whack of pics to upload, please check the photo album for new pics. It also means I will be able to put NEW pics up daily, pics taken that day! So all you faithfull followers can see how Ian is doing today. Lucky you!

I also wanted to put in a pretty good review for you all. We rented War of the Worlds yesterday and the movie was surprisingly good. Tom Cruise starts off pretty unlikable, I kept saying "get back to your kids you dick!" but as the movie went on it became very powerful. Also it was less actiony and more scary than most alien movies. I was really scared at some points. But the best thing I found was the reaction of the people. You know in movies like Independance day, humankind bands together and overcomes everything; the invasion brings out the best in people. Well I found this much more indicitive of what people would do in the situation, looting, desperation, and violence. It was nice to see a movie with more than just special effects.

(by the way another movie that is more than just special effects is I Robot, but I don't need to go into that here, I have to get on with uploading my photos.)

In the mean time, my fave pic of all the new ones is this:

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