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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No soup For Me!

Went to the grocery store today. No biggie in and of itself but I went all the way to Halifax to do it because I heard they were having a celebrity chef there later this week and I wanted to go. It was all sold out though. Good I guess because of the ticket $30 which I can't really afford but bad because it would have been way cheaper than $42,000! The chef was the guy who will cook dinner for you in the Sears Catalog. I always watch his show on food network and I was looking forward to meeting him. So I don't know if he was gonna make soup or not but alas, no soup for me.

Ian tried to pull himself up on the tv today, he got one foot under him and he was on the other knee. I don't think he planned it very well because next thing you know he was stuck like that. Haha.

I did talk to Jenni yesterday. She pointed out that the commercial I like is a Timho's commercial, not Wendys. So I officially apologize to Timho's for mixing them up with that foul place.

Polar Express:
The book, not the movie. Got it from the library for Ian today and read it to him. Better than I thought it would be as the movie looked so dorky. So I figured I better review it on here. Pretty good book, good story, nice ending. The pictures were nice for a grownup but boring for a baby. Ian did not rip the pages. He tried though!

Here is my pic today:

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