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Friday, December 30, 2005

Some Movies

We went to dinner at friend's house tonight. Not much interesting there actually. And today we took down the Christmas tree and gave the upstairs a very thorough cleaning. We vacumed up about 50 pounds of pine needles. We got Ian a ride on yesterday and I raced him around the house some. He really liked it. I will take lots of pics tomorrow.

I have not put any movies on here lately so here are some for you all.

Polar Express: Really cool. Shoulda seen it in the theatre. Lots of wicked rides and fun adventures. Sometimes the animation looked really real and sometimes kinda creepy and fake but in a good way. The conductor was odd it was like a perfect animated Tom Hanks. There was way more to the story than the book had and Travis kept asking if this part was in the book and I had to keep telling him that the book had like 12 pages so they made a lot of it up.

40 Year Old Virgin: Really funny. Not what you expect from the ads. They make it seem like just another one of them comedies but it is really well written and the dialog is great. The characters are a little different and the story is not the same as all them movies either. I don't want to say how because I think it may spoil the movie.

The Island. Another good flick. It didn't get enough credit. It was pretty exciting and kinda scary because of how they treated the clones. It makes you think about what is really going on and what you are being told about what you are purchasing. It also makes you think about what you would do in certain situations, what is right or what is in your own best interests. But hey, I always like these types of movies anyway.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Not bad, kinda dull I thought. Nothing much happens that you don't expect. A little witty here and there but didn't really blow my socks off. A major waste of a good actor (Brad Pitt). But I bet Jennifer Aniston REALLY REALLY hates this movie. Ha ha ha ha!

All links are posted on the side. For those of you who haven't checked any of the movie links out yet, I put the official website up if there is one and if not then the link to that movie on IMDB. Which by the way is the best and most important of all movie web sites!

As I mentioned, I will get some pics of Ian up tomorrow, maybe Ian on his new ride on!

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