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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I managed to get Travis to go with us to the pool. He really didn't want to go and made me feel real bad about it but I didn't let up and I made him take us. Afterward he said he was glad he went and he had a lot of fun with Ian. I think I need a new bathing suit because I took a dive off the diving board and my top came off!! I noticed before I surfaced so at least I don't have to worry that someone saw my big mama boobies. Maybe I will get one of those athletic type bathing suits with the racer back. Nothing will get out of that baby! I also managed to swim 5 lenghts of the pool. I really need to exercise more. But it's a start anyway.

We are going to take down the old xmas tree tomorrow. It is shedding worse than I am. I vacume and vacume but still every time I put baby down on the floor he comes back up with a fist full of needles. They are soft needles but still. He might try to eat them.

Speaking of Ian eating green stuff, he had green peas today. I think he liked the taste but the texture was a bit tough for him. I blended it for a long time but it still had lots of bits of skins in it. Maybe I will mix it with a veggie he likes better tomorrow, like squash.

Something funny happened today. The tv was on and Ian was playing on the floor in front of it. Then the commercial for mcdonalds deli sandwiches comes on. The one where someone asks where the 2 chicks think the sandwich came from and then he says maybe this guy can tell you and suddenly Ronald McDonald shows up. Well as soon as Ronald McDonald showed up, Ian started screaming. No reason at all. He sounded like he does when he hurts himself. I don't know if he maybe pinched himself on a toy or something but it was pretty funny. But hopefully it doesn't happen again because he definitely doesn't need a fear of clowns!

Any hoo, here are some pictures of Ian in his new Prison. Mua hahahahaha.

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