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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Travis will be murdered in his sleep sometime in the near future. He deserves it for what he did to me last night. We decided to play Risk. BIG mistake. I don't know why I always do that to myself. I actually thought I was doing pretty well for myself until all at once he gets like 30 guys on one turn and takes over the whole world. I was nice. I said Good Game and Well Done, but really I wanted to throw the board in his face. And make him pick up all the tiny little people off the floor. But I didn't. Because I am the master of self control, hahahaha.

I dozed off this morning. Another big mistake. Ian was playing with his toys and I just fell asleep. I woke up to a huge crash. I have a lamp that has plants on it on these little shelves. He pulled the whole thing over. I lost so much potting soil into the carpet I actually had to get more dirt today. So he's sitting there crying with dirt all over (I had no sympathy) and so I dust him off and put him by his toys again. I blocked him in with a chair so he wouldn't get in the dirt. Then I start fixing the plants. Somehow he got around the chair and behind my back without me even seeing and pulled the lamp over AGAIN!!! Luckily no plants on it yet. He wasn't hurt but my oh my was mama mad. Oooh. So mad. I did eventually get it cleaned up and gave him a hug. He felt better. I felt better. Then we had breakfast. Hopefully he learned a little today.

I have really awesome news today. I lost my purse. Almost a month ago. I looked every where for it. I was just going to start replacing all my id. Luckily my cards and money weren't in it but all my ID was. I was in denial for a long time but finally gave in yesterday and accepted that it was lost after looking in the car and the coat closet about a million times. I couldn't even remember when I had it last either. But suddenly today it dawned on me that I had it when I went to the movies with Travis for our anniversary. So I called the theatre. And they had it!!! Yay!!! I have awesome luck!!! Anyway, I have been hearing from Travis for weeks about how dumb I am and how I always lose everything so I don't need to hear it from anyone else. So there. But you can all be silently happy (or relieved) on my behalf.

Ian had his doctor appointment today. He was really good. Didn't even cry for his flu shot, just a little squeek. My little man. And he was good while we braved the crowds to go buy dirt too. So all is forgiven here. I even let him watch BoohBah today, his very favorite show. Here is a picture of Ian watching BoohBah. I don't usually let him stand like that at the TV but I let him just long enough for the photo op.

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