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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Yes, we have imprisoned our child. What a great idea. We bought him a play pen. So now I can put him somewhere safe while I cook supper or whatever, and he has a bed to sleep in if we go somewhere. Best thing I ever got. We also picked up some safety latches for the cupboards and plastic plug in covers as well, and a battery charger so we can recharge the camera batteries instead of always buying AAA batteries. We also decided to keep the speakers I bought because they connect to the playstation and so now we have sort of a home theatre set up there. Not as good as a real home theatre but it sounds better now than just the tv.

I am gonna try to get Travis to take us swimming when he gets up. I had a dream last night I was swimming and it was a ton of fun. So I hope he will take us today. I will keep you updated. Until then, I better go feed Ian breakfast. More later!

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