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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tons of Pictures

I couldn't find the phone today. I pushed the button on the base and then walked around the living room in circles looking for it. I checked the couch cushions, behind the tree, behind the tv, in the love seat. Round and round I went. It sounded like it was behind me. No matter where I was, it was behind me. Because it was under the coffee table. I'm such a tool.

I gave Ian sweet potatoes yesterday. He didn't like it much. He didn't hate it as much as carrots though either. Just a dirty look. He has this tree house toy. It is his favorite toy. It has these balls that you drop in the top and it rolls down and spins on these discs for a few seconds while really annoying music plays. Only in the last few days the music has begun to sound belaboured. I guess it is time to change the batteries.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Ship Christmas party tomorrow where we need to find something to wear. Ack! And then I guess I will get my baking started on Sunday. I might be able to make it wait till later in the week though, since Travis will be home and I can do it during the day without distractions.

We got most of the Christmas cards out today. Finally. I bought them in November thinking I was getting ahead of things, and did half of them in one night, then got so burned out that I didn't touch them again until today when it was the last minute. I just kept moving the pile to different locations in the house. I am such a dweeb. I have to be more careful with that now, however, because Ian is always into stuff and the places I can put things is swiftly dwindling. Today I caught him sucking on a butt cloth. It was in the dirty laundry and I had turned my back for a second and there he was sucking away. Luckily it was a pee butt cloth and not a poo butt cloth.

Well that's the news for today. I have watched a few movies lately which I will mention in the next day or 2. Until then, here are some pics today. I have Ian toddling around the coffee table and some of him trying to destroy his room. Then one of him being a sucky baby. And one of him looking up to his dad (preceded by a yoga position.

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