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Thursday, December 8, 2005


Here is my conversation with Ian today when I undressed him for his bath:

"Here honey, I'm gonna give you a bath. Whew, you stink! Let's see what you got there. Ew, it's all over...NO! don't grab that! ew, now I need to wipe your hands where are the wipes, OH NO DON'T RUB YOUR EYES? NO BABY DON'T CRY! I know it's in your eye but WAIT DON'T SUCK YOUR THUMB THAT'S SO GROSS!"

Well, that was fun.

In other news, I went on a cleaning rampage today. As I believe I mentioned, I had a leaky pipe the other day so everything was pulled out from under the stairs. I wanted to put it back but even though the water was gone the floor was pretty gross. And the water from the floor was still in the mop pail. So I dumped that out. Then I had to wash the pail and the mop because the kitty litter is under there and it was all mixed in with the water and since I use that mop in the kitchen where Ian frequently eats toast off the floor, I figured I better wash it. Then I figured I better scoop the cat box while I was in there anyway. But you know, I don't remember the last time I actually cleaned the cat box, and the tub was dirty already from cleaning the bucket so after I emptied the cat box I took it and cleaned it out really good in the tub. And then I let it dry and took out the kitty litter. Well it's pretty cold out so I figured I might as well get it all done at once so I took out all the garbages in the house. And the green bin too, which needed cleaning so I cleaned that.

Then I went back downstairs, and well it was kinda sticky under the cat box so I wiped that up with paper towel and then refilled the cat box. But I needed the floor to dry so I could sweep up the loose cat litter and then give the floor a good mopping before I could put all the stuff back in there. So while I waited I figured I better clean the tub since it was gross from cat litter. So I cleaned the tub. And if I cleaned the tub, I might as well do the whole bathroom. And if I do that bathroom I might as well do the other one too. And well, I cleaned the mirrors so I might as well continue on and do the windows.

By now I was worried about Ian waking up and I didn't want to touch him after handling the kitty litter, so I took a shower. Then I had lunch. Then I was going to mop but well no point in making the mop gross again without getting something out of it so I went upstairs and vacumed and mopped the kitchen, and the bathroom, then I did the landing, then the downstairs bathroom and laundry room THEN I finally got around to the storage room. I put the mop away and well I was so tired I never did put the stuff back under the stairs!

Now that I have finished writing such a long and boring story, here is a picture. Not Ian, We've all seen enough of Ian. Here's a picture of me. I already sent it to Jenni who assures me I look like a dork. Yay! A dream come true!

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