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Friday, December 9, 2005

Let it Snow!

Snowing like mad here tonight. The weather channel kept saying 3-5 cm of snow and as of right now I have about 6 inches! And stupid head Travis had to be gone. He keeps getting out of snow shoveling. I had friends over for dinner and they left early because the snow was making for unsafe driving.

Today this creepy old guy shows up at my house wanting me to call a cab for him. He said he just moved in across the street and has no phone. Then he says to tell it to go to #45! Well my friend across the street (the one who gives me stuff, ha ha) HAS a phone and HAS NOT just moved in. Then the guy goes across the street and walks behind her house. So she is usually gone on Friday mornings with her kids, so she wasn't home at the time. So the cab comes and takes the guy away. Which is good because I am watching her house like a hawk in case she comes home to find some murderer slash child molester hiding in her house. I think, "well he's gone but maybe he robbed them!" so I continue watching the house to see when she gets home.

So finally she gets home and I grab Ian and go dashing across the road to let her know of the intruder. Turns out it is a boarder she has! He stays in the basement and can only get in from the back! And he hasn't hooked himself up a phone yet! And he is gone lots that's why I never saw him before! And she laughed her butt off at me!

She did say thanks though, for my vigilance, and invited me in for pineapple. So it wasn't a total loss.

Here's the snow on my back deck:

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