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Friday, December 23, 2005

So Excited!

I am so looking forward to Christmas. I can't wait for Ian's first Christmas. Just to let everybody know, I will be broadcasting live Ian on MSN on Christmas Morning. So if you have MSN messenger set up you can watch. Of course, it will be pretty early here, but oh well. You all have the opportunity.

I picked up my purse today. Everything still there. Whew! Then I made my perogy dough and the scalloped potatoes. I just need to make the dough into perogies. Lousy job. I might have to do that tomorrow. We'll see.

I am very busy tomorrow, so probably no post. I will be sure to get one in on Christmas evening or Boxing Day morning with a ton of Ian Pictures. Until then, here is one to tide you over! It is a picture of why diaper changing is sometimes more trouble than it's worth!

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