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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I'm Baked

I was so exhausted yesterday I couldn't post. I finished all my baking yesterday. It was fun but hard work. We got some really nice tins and bundled everything up for people coming for dinner. Tied with big bows. Lovely. Ian was pretty good yesterday. He had some long naps and we took him to the park. I forgot the camera again. He looked so cute swinging in the swing in his little snow suit with his cheeks all rosy from the cold. I will remember to bring the camera next time.

Today I have to make perogies. Then I guess I am done and can finally relax. Which is good because I am pretty tired. We rented 4 Brothers last night. I sorta dozed off half way through but when I went to bed I couldn't sleep. But I will be sure to go to bed early tonight.

Ian has a doctor appointment tomorrow. He is getting a flu shot. That should go over well. I'll let everybody know how it goes. Hope everybody is having a good holiday so far. I will put some pictures tomorrow. Until then, drive safe!

(editor's note: I really like the posts with no pictures, lol)

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