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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Squish Squash

Wow, I am way behind here. I want to say I have been busy but actually just lazy. I wasn't feeling "well" on New Years Day. We had such a good time the night before. We went for Japanese dinner and then drinks at the fleet club. I had to get up early with Ian the next morning too. 2006 did not begin well!

Monday we had friends over for dinner. We made Mexican food, enchiladas and tacos and salsa and guacamole. Yum. I have been eating leftovers ever since. I gave Ian some plain avocado and he seemed to like that. Not the kind of food I can make loads of baby food with, though. Yesterday Travis was duty and I did about seventy loads of laundry. I was so far behind it was silly!

As for today, well I was feeding Ian his lunch and I got to thinking, when is a kid old enough to feed himself?? Well, I figured today was as good a day as any so I handed him his spoon and dish and let him have at er. I was chiseling squash and pablum off him for the rest of the day.

I have changed the background again, it is because now that the holidays are over I am ready for winter to be over too. So hopefully the theme gets nice weather in the mood to return. I'l find some good summer tunes too.

Tomorrow Travis and I are doing good deeds. Travis is helping his uncle move a fridge or something. I am going to watch one of my neighbor's kids for her while she takes the other to the doctor. So hopefully that goes well. Until tomorrow, here are some pics of Ian on his ride on and also Ian coated in squash. I know what you are thinking...more pics of Ian eating? Geez!! Well it's my blog so you can just shut yo mouf. I also have the ever popular picture of Ian being naughty. But it's hard these days to get a picture of him not being naughty!!

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