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I like to bake
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Friday, January 20, 2006

Sorry folks.

I just wrote a whole blog entry and then when I tried to add photos internet explorer froze up. So I am too tired to type it again. But suffice it to say, work sucks, weather sucks, Ian is having a great time at daycare. He doesn't miss me at all which also sucks. I have a lot fewer hours in the days now, I will try to leave a short note here and there in the week and on the weekends I will try to get a great long post up with photos and everything. So sorry foks, we are about to experience a quality drop here!

I took some pictures of Ian at the park on Saturday, so here they are. Hope they tide you over!

I meant for just one of the first picture but now I can't delete them!

Oh, well I guess I can! Woo hoo!

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