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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm Lazy

Nothing new there. Well at least I am having a nice time being lazy. I spent all day today lounging around in my jammies. Ian is wearing jammies too. we cuddled and played with toys. I feel quite un-energetic. I think I will have a bath and go to bed early as I am so worn out from my laziness.

I did have a busy couple days though. Monday I took Ian to the park in his little sled. It snowed a couple inches and so we had a nice time sledding there. Ian swinged on the swings again. He really likes that. I forgot the camera. Again. Sorry.

It rained all that night so all the snow disappeared. Stupid weather. Yesterday Ian and I went to the library and then the grocery store. We had company for dinner too which was nice. It's always good to have someone to chill with. So after those 2 busy days I felt justified in chillin today.

I don't have a pic for today because since nothing new happens here the only thing I have to take pictures of is Ian's Swath of Destruction. But hopefully I will remember the camera next time I go out.

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