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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hurts so Good

I bought a pineapple at the store yesterday. Why do pineapples have to be so good and yet cause so much pain? My mouth, gums tongue and cheeks hurt from its painful sweetness. Even my teeth hurt. Damn pineapples. It's the devil's fruit I tell ya.

I'm Lazy. Nothing new there. Well at least I am having a nice time being lazy. I spent all day today lounging around in my jammies. Ian is wearing jammies too. we cuddled and played with toys. I feel quite un-energetic. I think I will have a bath and go to bed early as I am so worn out from my laziness.

I did have a busy couple days though. Monday I took Ian to the park in his little sled. It snowed a couple inches and so we had a nice time sledding there. Ian swinged on the swings again. He really likes that. I forgot the camera. Again. Sorry.

It rained all that night so all the snow disappeared. Stupid weather. Yesterday Ian and I went to the library and then the grocery store. We had company for dinner too which was nice. It's always good to have someone to chill with. So after those 2 busy days I felt justified in chillin today.

I don't have a pic for today because since nothing new happens here the only thing I have to take pictures of is Ian's Swath of Destruction. But hopefully I will remember the camera next time I go out.

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