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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Did he fix it? Yes he did!

Travis fixed the stuff today! Yay! I was pretty happy. He thinks I was ungrateful because I asked him to load the dishwasher after supper but I am not. Because I could have fixed all that stuff myself but it is man work.

I have to drop him off at the ship tomorrow and he is sailing for a month. Good Riddance! Just kidding. We'll have fun here, Ian and I. For 2 more weeks. I will probably be starting back at my super lousy job of death in about 2 weeks. I hope I like it. I know I won't. Dammit. Well I better go, I'm making hot chocolate. With Whip Cream. I am such a piggy.

Here is a picture I like today, stolen from my sister's blog:

Never mind. It won't upload for some reason. Jerks. You hear me? MSN is Jerks!!

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