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Friday, January 6, 2006

Can He Fix It? Yes He Can!!

Ian decided to climb the filing cabinet. The front of the drawer came off. Files everywhere. Like I don't have enough trouble keeping track of all the papers around here without that. Sigh. There is a light burnt out in the downstairs hallway. The door fell off Ian's change table. The baby gate needs bolstering. Baby proof clips need to be installed on the cabinets.

Looks like Trav is going to be doing some handy man work this weekend, mwaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Travis also promised to take Ian and I swimming tomorrow. That would be fun. He is sailing on Monday so we need to have those last few minutes of quality time together before he leaves me to chase the devil (Ian) all day by myself. It almost makes me WANT to go back to work so I can get a break.

I will probably be going back soon anyway, likely even before Travis returns. Alas. Life sucks. Being a mommy has been so fun, too. You know what really sucks? West jet is having a seat sale right now and I could go visit for the whole time Trav is gone for a mere $578.15. And I can't. So frustrating. Alas and alack.

Anyhoo, I know all of you are dying to visit me this spring/summer/fall so I guess I can be patient until then. So in the meantime here is a picture of me holding Ian. It looks like I am cuddling him but actually I am preventing any movement and the destruction that inevitably results.

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