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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Well someone here is teething. And guess what... it's not Ian. I have a wisdom tooth coming in. So Ian and I can go through it together. Maybe it's happening to help me empathize with my baby. Who knows. I spent a great deal of time this summer having my teeth filled and the dentist advised me to have the wisdom teeth removed. I only have one so far that is in but he said to get them all pulled because they are a risk for abcessing. I was referred to an oral surgeon and had an appointment and everything. I didn't go. Part of the reason is because I did have so much work done all ready that I wasn't sure my benefits would cover it. But that was just an excuse. Really, the reason is that I am extremely terrified of having general anesthesia and surgery. What if the anesthesia doesn't work? What if I don't wake up? I shudder to think.

But now as my jaw begins to throb and sting, I am starting to regret that decision...

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