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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I've run out of ways to say "I'm Lazy" for my Post Title

So as long as you know I am lazy, then expectations are low and nobody gets disappointed. Especially regarding housework. I do the bare minimum around here you know. It is mostly cleaning up BEFORE Ian rather than cleaning up after him. Anyhoo, if you come by, it might be messy. So there. don't say I didn't warn you.

Now, that is the only drawback to visiting me. I know the Grandma's have got a Hankerin' for some Spankerin'... after all that kid needs a good whack. Just kidding. But you Grandma's really should come visit because both the little man and I would really love to see you both. He is so cute. And friendly. And he smiles. And bites. Ok, the last one, not so much. But wouldn't you like to cuddle a pudgy little puddin? I know he wants some granny spoilin. He's definitly due. (And I could use a break as well.) So Grandma's unite! Come visit the baby-o! You know you want to! And West Jet has some Massive Seat Sales right now! In fact I would like to extend the invitation to any Aunties or Uncles who have not been here yet. You know who you are. You can get a round trip ticket for about $512! Don't wait any longer! Click here! And I will make a nice dinner and pick you up at the airport! With Ian! He promises not to poop until the next day! (ok I can't back that up)

And as an added bonus, when you come visit, I will finally let the cat out so she won't attack you in your sleep! Looks like she really wants out, don't keep her waiting!

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