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Thursday, January 12, 2006

I lost the Camera!!!!!!!

Ok, I really didn't lose the camera. That is just an excuse. I really mean to take a picture but when something happens I am where the camera isn't. And when we are at home he just does the same old stuff. I mean he's cute and all but really. How far does cute get you these days? But trust me folks, he still pretty much looks the same.

Ian and I went for dinner at a friend's house today. (My friend not Ian's). We had a lot of fun. We had roast chicken and veggies and she put apples in with the veggies. Very cool Idea and now I really want to try that with a pork roast. mmm. It is actually a pretty good place to take Ian because she has lots of open space with laminate floors so he can scoot all over. We even left with a door prize! She gave us her old blender. Now we can blend blend blend! That's the key you know. Blending. She actually has one of those kick ass expensive blenders that doubles as a food processor. So she had the old one taking up space and I had mentioned that mine sucks and won't crush ice so she just gave me the old one. Suh-weet. I guess I do have an inspiration for a picture after all!

Ian of course needed a Diaper Change shortly before we left, so I of course before I left I congratulated her because now she can officially say that someone has pooped in her living room. So until tomorrow, here is a picture of my new kitchen appliance.

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