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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yippee! My Birthday Present is here!

Actually, they called me last week, and I was going to wait until I got back from my trip to go pick it up, but when I was deciding what to bring, I realized some of the yarn needed to be wound, including the rest of my Anty Beryl Sweater yarn. So I went and picked it up. Here follows a stunning display of super yarny fun-ness.


My packages:

swift 002

Ball winder:

swift 004


swift 005 

Out of the bubble wrap:

swift 006

Clamped to the end table:

swift 007 


swift 008

Ball winder clamped in place:

swift 009

The Whole Getup:

swift 010

The devices are for when your yarn comes looking like this:

swift 011

Just stick it on the swift and connect to the ball winder:

swift 012 

Turn the handle:

swift 013

The ball winder spins:

swift 018

Which spins the swift!

swift 019


swift 020

Ian finds it fascinating:

swift 021

Finished product:

swift 022

Pops off into a cute little yarn muffin. The yarn pulls right out of the centre.

swift 025

The ball winder is also useful for taking balls like this:

swift 026

And combining them into a ball like this:

swift 027

Which knits up into this stunning and classy bit of fabric:

swift 031

(Maybe I should have started with this):

swift 034

At any rate, I have plenty of ball winding in my future. This is just the beginning!

swift 029


Jennish said...

awesome! looks like fun!!! :)

Adrienne said...

yay, you got it....
makes me want to have yarn muffins...
but not really