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Friday, July 4, 2008

The Last Week In Wordy and Dull Form.

I know my posting was a bit lax lately, but I have an excuse, I was really busy. I guess when I have something to write about I have no time to write, and when I have time, I have nothing much to say.

So here are the main events lately:

1. Camping. We had a great time camping. We got everything packed up in the car, very carefully so it all fit, and drove out to our campground right near the PEI ferry. Our site was great, enclosed and private, lots of trees, and right near water and toilets. (Outhouses. Yuck. Ian was afraid of falling in, and just stood in the corner with his eyes big shaking his head. Eventually he had to go bad enough so he went.) We got everything set up and had a hot chocolate by the fire, and tucked Ian in. When time came for us (my friend Beth came along) to go to bed, I fell asleep ok, but then I woke up because I had to pee. And I never got back to sleep. But I made it through the night anyway, although extremely tired. We got up, started breakfast, and Ian started wandering around saying his tummy hurt. I asked him if he was hungry, and he said yes, so finally we got some food in him and he said he felt better. (Camping breakfast, BEST. BREAKFAST. EVER.)

Then we went for a walk along the beach. The beach was about the grossest beach I have ever seen. There were drifts of seaweed full of dead shellfish all over, and they were full of flies. The stench was amazing. The weather was pretty cold and foggy. We thought we might come back later when it warmed up. (it never did. Probably for the best, the smell couldn't have been better in the sun)

We went back and had lunch, then Ian wanted a nap (!?!) So we put him to sleep in the tent. After a while, we decided to go to a nearby Museum of Industry, so we packed Ian into the car and drove into town. The museum was pretty cool actually. Lots of old steam engines and stuff. Ian liked it at first but then he got crankier and crankier. Then just as we were leaving he barfed. He barfed just inside the exit, all over the table with the guest book and the pamphlets and stuff. (I didn't sign the guest book.) I helped clean up as best I could then I skedaddled out of there when the janitor showed up.

So we went into town to find some medicine. The town seemed small, they had an itty bitty Sobeys, so I went in and got some Pepto Bismol because they didn't have a pharmacy. Then we went outside and gave him some medicine and wiped him up, then he barfed again. So we cleaned him up again. I had barf on my pants and he had no clothes on by then, so we went all over looking for a Salvation Army or whatever, and then we found a consignment shop that was just about to close, and got him all kitted out for $3. Then we had to go to Zellers because they had nothing for me, and I got all kitted out for $30. Then we went back to the site. Ian was much perkier. He even ate the chocolate Timbits in the car.

We stopped back at the wood pile to get some wood and just then, Ian barfed. Again. Only this time it was runny and dark brown. I freaked out because I couldn't figure it out at all. Then Beth came running over and reminded me about the timbits. So I felt stupid. So we decided no more wood, and went back to the site, where we started supper. Ian barfed again. So we decided to eat, and if he asked for a marshmallow then we would stay, and if he didn't we would go. But we never got that far because he barfed again, so we decided to leave. We laid Ian in the tent, finished our supper, and packed up. Then we put Ian in the car, and packed up the tent and blankets. I was still pretty tired, so Beth drove home, and I slept in the car the whole way. We got home about midnight.

All in all, a pretty fun trip! And I took zero (0) pictures!

2. The next day, it was pretty rainy, so we slept it off. too tired to blog.

3. I don't know what I did on Monday.

4. Tuesday was Canada Day. It started off pretty foggy. We went to the parade in Sackville. Ian really liked it. We went to the Citadel next. They had free admission. We walked around a bit, then the sun burned off the fog, and the temperature went up about 20 degrees. I was wearing jeans. And just then, the entire population of Halifax decided to join me. So we couldn't leave and go change, we would have been stuck in a line forever trying to get back in. They had Oh Canada and a flyby from Shearwater and a cool pipe and drum band. I didn't get to see that. Ian decided to go to the bathroom just then.

We left the citadel just after that and went to the commons, which was a bust. It was way too hot by then. Ian played in the spray pool a while then we left. We went home and had a nap, then we went to the fireworks in Bedford. They weren't as fun as the ones the other day.

5. Wednesday we had errands to run. We went and did all the things we had to do, and I just got tireder and crankier. Then after supper (which I didn't eat, I had no appetite), I had to mow the lawn. I was really cranky by then, and had no patience left. I put Ian to bed, then I tried to go to bed, but that was when I started barfing. I guess I got whatever Ian had when we were camping. It sucked, because I never get sick. I don't even remember the last time I got barfed from being sick. I think it was about 15 years ago. (I have barfed since then, but it was usually alcohol related, and even that hasn't been in years)

6. My room is in the basement, so yesterday I turned on the fan and laid in bed all day. I did get up at mealtimes to feed him, and I managed to make him supper. Ian hung out with me in my room, and we watched movies, and sometimes I put on Treehouse and I napped. He was pretty good all day.

7. Today I feel much better. I really should be catching up on the house, but instead I am writing a novel about the last week for the 8 people who read this. (Hi 8 people! You are my closest friends and family! Leave a comment!)

8. I guess I better go clean up. I have run out of things to say. Please check Facebook for pics from Canada Day. I will post a link on the right at some point.


Jennish said...

weird about the random barfieness.. lots of people i know got randomly sick for a day or two also....

Adrienne said...

#3. HA. don't you hate it when you don't remember what you did all day? I've had that.
glad you feel better though!