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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Go with the Flow

My god, that kid can pee. He can pee like no other on earth.

He is pretty well potty trained during the day... very very few accidents. I wonder if he isn't just holding it in until he goes to bed? He also doesn't pee the bed during his nap. Which is good otherwise I would be about ready to put him to bed in the tub all the time.

When we have the problem is at bed time. And since I am not working at just this moment, I am trying to save some money as best I can; besides, he was soaking through his pull-up each night. So I went out and bought a reusable training pants. They worked for a couple days, but he soaks right through it. So I started putting his cloth diapers on underneath (yes they fit... I bought ones that adjust from a newborn straight up to a 3 year old...not that I ever used them. I let myself be talked into using Pampers against my will, thereby costing myself hundreds upon hundreds of dollars over the last few years and causing untold damage to the environment as well. Both facts cause me untold guilt and bitterness... but hey! That's a story for another day.)

Anyhoo, so I put the cloth diaper underneath the training pants, and this kid is now peeing through about 10 layers of flannel and a nylon outer covering. So I went to the Royal Diaperer (the only place in the HRM I am aware of that sells good quality cloth diapers) And I bought this super jumbo pair of plastic pants. So the kid sleeps in 1 cloth diaper under one cloth pull up with a nylon outer layer, under 1 pair of plastic pants.... and he is still soaking his pajamas from navel to knees. I have to change the sheets every single night, sometimes twice, because I always check on him when I go to bed and if he's wet at that point I change his whole outfit and sheets at that point.

It's exhausting. And the laundry! Geeze Louise!

I also don't give him beverages at all after supper, and I put him on the toilet right before bed. So I am running out of things to do here. I am thinking of starting to wake him up when I go to bed for a pee on the potty. Also, just so everybody knows, I do NOT yell at him or give him any kind of trouble for peeing the bed. I just see if he's wet and change him. I feel pretty bad for the little guy. It's not even the accidents that bothers me, its the sheer volume of pee that the kid comes up with. If he were sleeping in underwear and pajamas, I am sure he would flood us out of the house. I think he might be saving up!

Any thoughts?

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Jillian said...

I'm a little way off from this stage. I'll ask my friend who owns our local everything-natural-for- babies-and-moms store. ( highly recommend it!)