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Monday, January 24, 2011

So how am I doing?

My eighth post in 2011! I am going to beat my post count for 2010 and January isn't even over yet!!! I don't have much to say today, though. Really searching my empty head.

Oh, I know! Yesterday we went to the Museum of Natural History because there is a tyrannosaurus skeleton there. We thought Ian would like to see the bones. He did really like it. I like that the beast is exactly the right size to eat Ian in one bite. Also, it looks like a fried chicken. I bet it tasted just like chicken. Maybe a little gamier. Although chances are that nothing ever ate a t-rex....

Anyways, Ian was really good through the whole museum until we went to the gift shop and he wanted me to buy him a colouring book that cost $14 and I was like "no way are you getting a $14 colouring book" and he got all sulky and whiny and started telling me he didn't love me and didn't want me for his mom, so I told him it was time to go and he started howling. Total meltdown. Kinda ruined the good family afternoon mood.

Then we came home and had chicken soup for dinner. It tasted just like t-rex....

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