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Friday, January 18, 2008


Well lots of knitting getting done around here. I finished a scarf for Travis.
It is my first cabled project, as well as the first thing I made for him. The pattern is from:
By Debbie Stoller. I used thicker yarn than the pattern called for, because I wanted a warm scarf, not a dainty scarf. I used Bernat Berella "4" which claims to be the Afghan yarn. I can't really speak for that. I really like the pattern because as you can see, the cabling is reversable. I hate one-sided scarves.

I have completed my first sock, here:
I know the cuff looks stupid but I don't have smaller needles to knit the cuff on. I will know for next time, though. I am using Opal Sock yarn in Petticoat colour 1296. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting on the Go Socks 2 which I got at the Liberry. It was the only sock book Sackville library had at the time, although a couple days later I went to the one on Lacewood and got this:
Which i am officially in love with.
I know I have been warned about the perils of Second Sock Syndrome. And no, I have not completed the second sock, here:
however I have an excuse. I have Second Scarf Syndrome.
I have to make a second scarf for a gift (mainly because I couldn't think of anything better to make on such short notice and with the yarn I have available. However, the Second Sock is my First Love.

And in other Sock news, I have recieved this super fantabulous Fleece Artist sock yarn as a gift (from myself) I got it out of the discount bin. Who knew?? Anyway, isn't it pretty?
Look at the colours!
It is not quite enough for a full size pair of socks, which leads me to these options: knit ankle socks for myself (not cool as I don't really like ankle socks) knit socks for a kid (not cool as kids don't appreciate hand knit socks made from Fleece Artist sock yarn. ) knit ankle socks for someone else as a gift (bye socks :( I'll miss you) wait until I get a contrasting colour of yarn and make striped socks or some kind of a contrasting heel/toe/cuff situation (my favourite option) or make something else entirely (any suggestions?)
Here are some reasons Fleece Artist is cool: 1. Soooo soft. Not even a little scratchy. 2. Stunning colour. Each skein is unique. 3. It smells nice... like a really clean sheep. 4. It is a Nova Scotia company, which means not only is it fantastic on its own, I am also supporting the local economy. Woot!

Ian of course has developed an unnatural addiction to knitting needles. Not a good hobby for a 2 year old. Especially when his first choice in needles is always the one with the live stitches. I had to pick up the stitches twice now on the Second Sock. That's why it looks like this.
It's not wrong exactly. Just baggy and rough. So in frustration I sent him outside to play on the deck yesterday. He sure looks cute.
Fixed my mad right up.

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