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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ian Likes to Read.....Yessssssss!

I was so worried about that actually. He's such an
active boy, I have always had such a difficult time
getting him to sit long enough to read a story to him.
but lately I haven't been having such a hard time with it.
We read him books every day. He loves Goodnight
, Hop on Pop, and Green Eggs and Ham. I don't
know what Trav has been reading to him. He even
looks at his books by himself. I am so glad he likes his
books. When he is older, I can't wait to read some of
my favourites to him, like The Phantom Tollbooth,
Black Stallion, Narnia , Alice in Wonderland, and Little
House on the Prairie. (ok, the last one is a little girly.
What can I say? I'm a girl!)

It's been really cold here the last few days. We went
for a walk yesterday but I think even all bundled up, Ian
was too cold. I know I was! So we will be staying in for
a few days. Maybe I will think of some kind of out of the
house/indoor activity we can do in a few days. Maybe
the Discovery Centre? We took Ian to that last year and
he really liked it. Maybe we'll go again. Who knows.
Maybe I should ask Ian. Ian do you want to go to the
Discovery Centre? Yah! I excited? Well, I guess its a
go. See how excited he is?

In knitting news, I took Ian to the library on Saturday
and brought my Scarf in Progress with me because it
needed to be done that day. When we went out to
Uncle Lloyd's birthday party, it wasn't done, but I did
notice I was short one needle and one cable needle, so
I couldn't even work on it. Aargh. So I did finish it on
Sunday, as I have another pair. They were like twice as
long, though, and so it kept banging into the arm of the
couch. It was driving me crazy. Here is the finished
scarf, modeled by Ian!

And since we are in a modeling mood, here is my
Poncho I finished a couple of weeks ago. Modeled by
And then, modeled by the floor:
And then, just for fun, modeled by my little boy:

I used Red Heart Cozy Wool and I got the pattern
here. It is the knit version of that Martha Stewart
poncho. I used big needles and big yarn, but the same
pattern, so I got this huge, cozy, wintery poncho. I'm
pretty happy with it, actually.
As far as the second sock goes, here it is.
The heel is done, the gussets are decreased, and it is just inch
after inch of foot. The ribbing on the top of the foot actually helps
break it up a bit. So it's fun. I did have to rip back the whole heel on it once, because I didn't like how it looked, and then Ian tried to climb up me while I tried to pick up itty bitty stitches. But otherwise, it hasn't lost its charm at all. So there.

I got some other books from the liberry for myself, I got
this one:

this one:and this one:
As far as the Stitchonary is concerned, I would love to
have it for my collection, along with numbers 2 and 1.
Are there more? I should look that up. Hm. Lots of cool
things in there I could piece together into a unique and
ongoing afghan project.

The Yarn Harlot's book was a really good read. (See
right for a link to her blog.) It made me laugh, it made
me cry. I don't really see myself reading it over and
over, though. So I've crossed it off my Wish List. I will
read the others and see how they are as well.

Favourite Socks is really awesome. I am dying to try
out some of the patterns in there. I am tempted to keep
the book forever and forego all future Liberry rights.
But I won't. Because that would be silly. However I
would just like to say for the record that the Liberry is
a great place to get books to read, but a bad place to
get reference books you want to keep forever. It can
only lead to much overspending at Chapters. Sigh.
Before the Liberry, we went to the Farmer's market
and LK Yarns. I have acquired these things for the

The orange one is from Lismore Sheep Farms. I was
hoping it would match Trav's scarf but as you can see,
the colours are a little... off.

(I had to use the scrap yarn to demonstrate because
Trav took the scarf with him to work. Anyway, I know they look the same but believe me I took like 30 pictures and I just can't get it to look as different as it looks in real life.)

I thought some nice warm wool mitts would
help keep his hands warm. Oh well. Who says I can't
make them anyway? They don't need to match! I am going to look for a nice
pattern for fingerless gloves where the mitten flips.
over top. It is the same yarn I bought last year for
honeycomb mittens. Have a look:

Won't those be pretty? If I ever get around to making
them. Unfortunately, the socks have sucked me in. The
pink yarn I got is Fleece Artist, and I got it to go with my
other fleece artist. I think I will put some pink stripes at
the top and some pink heels and toes. Which should
stretch the peacock colour out so I can get full size
socks. Which I won't be sharing. Mwahahaha. See how
pretty they look together?

I do have some housework to do today. Alas, it's not all
fun and games around here. And yummy Pizza Pasta
for supper tonight too. So I guess I have that to look
forward to. Yummo!

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