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Thursday, April 24, 2008

More costume changes than Britney

So my kid is some kind of Diva. He wakes up in the morning and dresses himself. He does it quietly so I don't wake up and put a stop to it. His clothes never match, and at least 3 of the following 5 are true: 1. Backwards shirt 2. Backwards underwear 3. Backwards pants (my personal favourite) 4. One or both socks upside down 5. One sock inside out (because of how they are rolled together, when you pull them apart one is always inside out)

In addition to this, he likes to change his clothes every time 1. He gets a speck of something on any item of clothing 2. He goes to the bathroom 3. He walks by his room. 4. He just feels like it.

And he doesn't change just one thing... No, he changes every single item he's wearing, down to the underwear. And worst of all, he doesn't just take the clothes from the shelf, he digs around, pulls it all out and picks what he wants. And since I yelled at him a couple times for scattering his clothing all over his room, he started putting it back. Meaning that the shelf is stuffed with random bunched up clothing all the time.


I also got around to knitting something. Have a gander at this cutie:

I made this for Lillian's second birthday. The pattern is from here. (I modified it a bit to fit a little girl and left off the fringe. I cast on 40 st and used 6mm circs, and switched to longer ones when it started getting too big.) The pink yarn is Bernat Ping Pong in Pink Power and the purple (it is purple, it looks a little grey in the pic) is Bernat Lux Effects in Mauve Effects. (no link apparently) It took 2 balls of the pink and about 2 1/3 balls of the purple. The yarn was from my stash, (courtesy of Melissa)
I have also posted a bunch of pics to my Facebook. I will put links up top for those who aren't on there.
It's raining today, so we will be hunkering down for the afternoon. Maybe I will think of something else to knit!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Yay! I'm so happy the yarn is getting used. I just got back from a yarn run at lunch - I ran to Michael's to get the 1 skein of hideous psychedelic (TM) yarn I needed to complete the hideous baby blanket. I conned some co-workers into going with me and we got In n' Out. It was a lunchtime adventure!

Cute poncho, by the by. You are quite the knitter!! :)