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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thief of Posts

Ever since we joined facebook we don't want to post blog entries. Neither does my sister but she got up the gumption to do it. So I am going to plaigarize her blog entry. I will make some changes to it so it is about me instead. Here Goes!

This thing is evil, facebook I mean. It has taken me away from my duties as a wife and DRINKER. I wake up and check for FLEAS, and have realised there have been NO updates to my own blog as well as everyone elses since facebook has taken over our lives.
I woke up ONE NIGHT and could not sleep. I was HUNGOVER and was getting kicks from THE CAT to feed her as well. Not to mention...still itchy from this lovely HAVEN'T CHANGED MY SHEETS that I have on my BED, PILLOWS AND UM, UH, COUCH. (no worries, not contagious or harmful to THE BEDBUGS) that keeps me up at night. So I got out of bed, got a big glass of WINE, some BEER and yet ANOTHER green GLASS OF ABSINTHE (which I can't get enough of) and sat at the computer trying not to PLAY BEJEWELLED. I, now being selfless so the first time am realizing the sacrifices that CHINKY CHINKY NOISES TO RELIEVE THE BOREDOM..I want VODKA, but I know that means MOMMA wants A PARALYZER (ech). Good thing for HOMO least I can JUST BUY THE ONE JUG and MOMMA gets its BOOZE. (besides a THERE'S SOME LEFT FOR IAN'S SIPPY CUP and its not so bad, and the SHAKES is gone!!!).
On the computer I stay till TRAVIS wakes up to go to work. He feels sorry for me, but I'm glad I didn't wake him because he has to NAP AT work this am. At least I don't and I work A BORING JOB WHERE I JUST GOOF OFF, so I can have a good long nap this afternoon.
One more week till another POST comes up here..I'm postponing it due to the aforementioned HANGOVER. I'm hoping it will be gone by next SEASON, which is also my birthday. I'd like to have a good RUMMY shot for that. We'll see!
Anyways I don't know how many people will read this due to the facebook epidemic, but I'll throw it out there to see!
Cross your LEGS for warmer weather soon! it's 3 AND RAINING right now, and after yet another dump of SUNSHINE last week, I sure hope we get back to the BEACH stage quickly! Its SPRING isn't it?!

Ok. I don't really drink that much. I have some red wine from time to time with meals but that's about it. But I thought it would be funny to change Adrienne's post to make it look like I'm a Booze Bag.
Hope you like it and it brings you a laff!

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