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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hot Date

We had a hot date last night, courtesy of my sister. We went to Bish World Cuisine on the waterfront. You can read about the details here. I think I was a little uncomfortable at the restaraunt because it was so fancy. All the other diners were like 50 years old, with expensive looking clothes and nice jewelery. The parking lot was full of way nicer cars than ours. (We drive an Elantra) I felt a little inadequate, especially with my broken glasses on. They kept sliding down my nose making me feel very self-conscious. The dinner was very nice, however. Probably won't go there again though. I think if we wanted to do a fancy dinner again we would pick the Himachi House instead, which is right across the courtyard.

After the dinner we went to a movie. Much more our speed, (although we may have been a little overdressed!) We went to see Night at the Museum in Imax. Really good movie. We want to be sure to get that one on DVD. It was really funny, and highly entertaining. Ben Stiller was playing himself, essentially. He played the same character he plays in Meet the Parents and Something about Mary, that kind of bumbling, unfortunate character who keeps finding himself in uncomfortable situations and likes to lord it over small animals. The best part of the movie was the byplay between him, Owen Wilson as the tiny cowboy, and the tiny Roman Centurian. Those were definitely the best parts.

Not much went on here this week. I worked some more extra hours last week but I think I am going to relax a bit this week as I am becoming burnt out. So no extra hours. Maybe the next week. I hope I worked enough hours because I am going to have to finally break down and go to the eye doctor. Ian broke my glasses a few weeks ago, so I have been wearing really old ones I bought in 1998. They are so old and brittle one of the nose pieces broke off and so they are all lopsided. So hopefully at the end of the month I will be able to go. We are covered for a portion of my eyewear and optometrist but I do have to pay up front and that is a lot of cash to come up with when we are on such a tight budget. However, this is an emergency, so to speak, so I guess we will have to do it.

Oh well. Such is life.

We had been talking about going back home next summer but we really can't afford for me to take all that time off work, so Travis is going to go out himself. He won't be bringing Ian with him because we don't think one of us taking him on the plane will be very successful. But Trav has 25 vacation days plus we can probably scrape together one plane ticket, so everybody can look forward to seeing him this year.

In the mean time, between this and my dinner entries, I have been typing on this thing for like 2 1/2 hours so I am going to run. Hope you all are having a great February and I hope your Valentines Day was full of love!

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