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Sunday, February 11, 2007

All Work and No Play Make Leoal a Dull Girl (Repeat until crazy)

Well I have been working my fingers to the bone lately to make some spare cash. Not that I get to enjoy any of it. But I am getting the bills paid. I have been working about 15-20 extra hrs a week. Basically, since I had my teeth pulled I have been working every night and weekends too. It sucks. But the good news is that since I can knit at work I have completed quite a lot of projects. I don't want to turn this into a knitting blog but I really want to show off my goodies. I am not going to post it in this entry, though. I will just make a little album on the side for it. I have made one crazy tie died toque of ugliness, 2 green toques of cozyness, and one stripy toque of unbearable cuteness (sized just right for a niece or nephew...woo hoo!) I have made 2 scarves of unparalelled fuzzyness, one with black and white stripes, long and cozy, and one that is hot pink with white undertones. It came out a little short. I would like to get more yarn and make it longer. I have a super cute sweater and hat set. Adrienne is hereby ordered to create a girl. And a blankie with a simple square pattern. I am now working on a Martha Stewart Poncho of Unparalleled Anger and Frustration. We will see if I tear my hair out or not.

Ian is doing good. Learning many new words including No, By the way, No, No, Phoebe, No, Tori (babysitter's kid) Dadaby (which means thanks), well, and no. Sigh. He's so negative. But he's such a good boy. I sure do lurve him. I haven't taken many pics lately due to being super busy. But I did measure and weigh him. He is 36lbs and 36 inches high. So he's 3 feet tall at 20 mos and weighs a bloody ton. Feel free to compare a measurement of 3 feet to yourself and be amazed at his incredible size.

I also wanted to mention a great movie we saw last night. We saw Running Scared. I heard it was really violent so I wasn't that keen on watching it but it wasn't worse than any other movie I have ever seen, like Pulp Fiction or whatever. Anyway, it was really good, kept us on the edge of our seats throughout with Amazing Twists and Shocking Revelations. It is pretty dark, and it is set in a world populated by the worst of humanity, but it does have good people hidden in it like, uh, hidden things. I guess. I couldn't think of an appropriate simile. My writing skills are dismal.

Anyhoo, Sunday Night TV is starting, I must run. Check the new photo album for Knitted Stuff. No peeking, Adrienne.

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