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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

A Round of Applause

I wanna apologize for my negligence in the blogging department but by this time my words are beginning to sound hollow. All I can say is that i was really busy with my mom's visit and with work and all, so I just haven't felt up to it. There have been quite a few developments in the Ian Department. First of all, his walking is improving, he can go about 7 or 10 steps before he falls down, and he walks from the coffee table to the tv and other similar distances. Today I saw him walk over to a toy, bend over and pick it up, and then straighten up, all without falling down. Pretty cool!

He has also learned how to clap his hands. He learned that today. I was trying to get him to do it yesterday with no luck but today he just clapped his hands back when I clapped at him. It was so cute! I was very proud of him!

I also believe he is trying to say something. When ever he sees the kitty he goes "Heee! Heeee! Heee!". I think he's trying to say kitty. I am not sure. But he sure gets excited when he sees her and when I say "Kitty", he looks for her.

Travis will be going on course in May, so no more sailing for us for quite a long time. In other news, our good friends here will be definitely posted to the west coast . We will really be missing them. I guess that means there are going to be some more big lifestyle changes around here. We spend about every second weekend with them so I don't know what we will do. I am not happy for us, but it is what they wanted so I am happy for them.

Work is actually going pretty well, It has changed quite a lot since I left and not all in bad ways. I was really dreading going back but it is quite a bit easier than staying home with Ian. There sure aren't a lot of minutes in the day, though!

So I tried to make a video of Ian clapping today, or a video of him walking around and around the living room chair, but he wouldn't do it when I tried to video him. My mom taught him to smile for the camera, so every time I try to video him he stops whatever he is doing and smiles. Very cute for photos but inconvenient for taping of new baby tricks. But I will have a go at it again tomorrow. Until then, here is a good one I got of him smiling for Mommy!

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