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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vomit...The New Hair Cream

Grandma's here! Ian is having such a good time too! He sure loves Grandma. He got to stay here with her all day while I went to work. It was a nice day for him. They went outside. They had fun. Or so I hear.

After supper we stood Ian up and he got to practice walking back and forth to Mommy and Grandma. Back and Forth. Mommy was so proud of him she swung him up in the air. Well, his tummy could only take so much of that so one time I swung him up and his dinner swung back down...directly into my hair. MMM. Nothing beats regurgitated squash and Cheerios. Actually, not much made it into my hair, most of it landed on my shirt but there was a significant delegation sent into my mouth. I think the Cheerios didn't like it in Ian's tummy, so they decided to check out some of the other real estate.

But seriously, I don't know why my mom thought it was so funny. She couldn't stop laughing for like 12 minutes.

But I got her back.

I took a really stupid picture of her! Mwahahahahahah!

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