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Monday, March 27, 2006

Le Pant, Le Pant

I am so tired. Working and having a baby is hard work. And I gotta keep the house up all the time too. I know I used to have regular readers but then I became an irregular poster, so I am sure my readership has waned. Ian dropped the camera too, so now the battery cover won't stay on, so I have to hold it with my finger or tape it or something. Which sucks. But oh well. He walks all over now, he still can't stand himself up but he only crawls to the next thing he wants to pull himself up on and then he just walks everywhere. He looks so cute. He holds his little hands up to his chest and staggers from room to room.

No further problems with the car, other than gas prices ($1.069 per litre now, the bastards) I say we just blow it up and take the insurance money. (Watch the car blow up tomorrow and me not get any insurance money because I wrote that in here hahaha)

I have also been working on some cross stitching as well. I have been making progress on a lot of projects I have been working on for a long time. In some cases, years. There is one that I remember working on during the winter olympics...the 2002 ones. I finished that. I finished 2 other ones as well. So altogether I have finished 6, since I learned how to do it.

Anyhoo, pretty tired here today. I am gonna go to bed now. I will try to get some shots of Ian staggering later on this week. Until then, see ya later, alligator.

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