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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Damn Car

So we scrimped and saved and finally bought new tires. Yahoo. We needed them so bad, just ask my mom. The old ones were nearly bald and the car had such a bad jiggle that you feared for your life every time you hit 80. So at long last, we got what we always dreamed of...4 new all season radials and a wheel balancing. Now the ride is so smooth you think you are driving on buttah. Or something. Less than 24 hours after we get the tires, I got cut off by a tractor trailer and popped a curb, and flattened one of the tires. I could have cried. Actually I did cry. It still had the little black stringy dealies on it and I go and wreck one. (Don't worry, both me and the rest of the car are fine, I didn't even bend the rim) Anyhoo, the first tire purchase nearly cleaned us out, I didn't know what to do. Luckily the tractor trailor driver, moved by my tears and wails of "why god, why?" let me use his cell phone, and also luckily, I have 36 months of free roadside assistance, so the tow truck driver came and put the donut on my car for me. (good thing too since the jack doesn't have a handle and we don't have one of them wheel taker offer type wrenches either. We better take that up with Hyundai...)

I also called Travis who got dropped off near me, about 2 minutes before the tow truck guy came along. He was annoyed, to say the least. But we got home safely on our little toy wheel, and then he went to Canadian Tire. He always insists on getting extra warranties etc, and I am always annoyed at the extra expense but in this case it worked out great, he got the tire replaced under the road hazard warranty, and it ended up costing us just the Canadian Tire Money we had gotten from purchasing the tires the day before.

Now if only they had a warranty that covers the MVI and registration...

We do have good news about the Damn Car, which is that We Just Saved A Bunch Of Money On Our Car Insurance....and not by switching to Geico! Our insurance is going down by about $70 per month, starting in May, and with Travis going on Course, the timing couldn't be better!

I have some pics today, I have a cute one of Travis and Ian, and I also have some pictures we took a couple weeks ago when we took a drive out to Annapolis Royal. It is the oldest settlement in North America. We just went to the fort, and it was all closed up for the winter, but the coolest thing is that the monuments are older than some historical sites I have been to. The statue with the head on it is for the guy who founded the place in 1605, and the monument itself was put up in 1905! Pretty cool, eh? I also had to take the picture of the well, it looks like the one in The Ring. If we go back this summer I will have to take a picture of myself coming out of it...

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