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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Alas and Alack!

We've definitely been very busy here lately. Most week days involve rushing from here to there, making supper and putting Ian to bed. He's usually very good but some times he is the devil. Also, we have been having some very nice weekends so we have been spending our spare time enjoying each other and the nice weather. We have been to the farmer's market, the beach, the park, and the Cult Ice Cream Store (don't ask).

Ian always likes the farmers market, despite the crowds. Probably because I am always feeding him cheese while we're there. That kid loves cheese let me tell you! I gave up trying to lug him around the place in a sling, and started bringing the umbrella stroller. If anybody here has ever been to the Halifax Farmers Market in the Keiths Brewery, you would understand why I am hesitant to bring a stroller!

I took Ian to Kearney Lake last weekend (the 8th). He sure loves sand and water! He headed straight for the lake and sat down. This was bad because he was wearing jeans and sneakers at the time. I managed to haul him out of the water before he ate the gravel on the bottome (not that it would be the first gravel in his would think he was a parakeet!) But as soon as we got on dry land he sat in the sand. Blech. So I found a picnic table to change him at. I had a change of clothing but Alas! No diapers! So I wrapped his butt in a recieving blanket and prayed the whole way home that there would be no accidents.

Last weekend was great! We got a lot of yard work done, we pulled up 2 of the 3 junipers in the front yard. Now I only have a lonely ball of cedar sitting there, offending my sight every time I look out the window. We also mowed the lawn, and debated placing a flower bed along the side of the driveway. We then drove out to lawrencetown beach, where we obtained some rocks of varying colours to line said flower bed. Ian of course headed straight for the water. He didn't care that the water was about 80 below. I hauled him out toot sweet and dried him off. Luckily, I remembered the diapers this time. I did not, however, remember a pair of replacement shoes, and so when we stopped at petes to get some supper I had to take my barefoot baby into the store like some kind of hillbilly. Alack!

Before we went to the beach that day, I turned Ian's car seat around. He giggled for 5 minutes straight when he realised he could see us! It was awesome!

Well, like I said, it was a great weekend, sunny and warm both days. Travis and I ate Eggs Benedict on the back deck for mothers day, and it was basically perfect. However, Monday soon came and with it, the rain. Alas and Alack!

Ian also has a new cousin, Lillian! She is very beautiful, and I will obtain pictures ASAP. Her birthday is April 24, one month before Ian. I spent a great deal of March and April completing a cross stitch for her, which is also part of the reason I have been so reclusive regarding this blog. But I have enclosed a picture of that as well as some details, and I am also including a couple pictures of our Easter eggs as well. I also have pics of Ian's first spaghetti meal, but I think that if a picture speaks louder than words, than a loud wordy picture speaks the most of all, and therefore I am updating my video shortly as well! So until the next time (however long that may be) I hope you enjoy!

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