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Monday, May 22, 2006

Ian's Party Part II

Well that went ok. Ian was a good boy for the most part. He recieved some great gifts. He got a sand and water table from his babysitter and my other neighbor, a bubble mower and some un-messy finger paints from Zack, a wagon full of Mega Blocks from Auntie and Uncle and new Cousin, some mega blocks and a tiger from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson a tractor from Dad, and a set of swim pants, aqua socks and a tonka hat from Mom, as well as a wagon full of beach toys from both Dad and Mom! What a haul! Thanks everybody!

After presents, Ian had cake and Ice Cream. He has had tastes of ice cream before but never a whole scoop all to himself on a plate! He tried to stick the whole thing in his mouth and it hurt his head! Poor guy! Mommy had to cuddle him until he felt better and so she ended up stickier than he did!

I have taken lots of pics for all of you who couldn't make it! Enjoy!

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