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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ian's Birthday Wish List

Good Idea Adrienne. I will put a wish list up. Because my boy deserves the best! He is sure a brat lately (I say lovingly) He gets into everything and when you tell him "NO!" he gets mad and yells back! He staggers all over the place, pulling things out of their homes, and I have to tell him, "go eat your floor toast"

I am going to try to put Ian's birthday on msn messanger. His birthday party will be from 2-4pm on Sunday, May 21. I will put the web cam on and hopefully get a good view. I want to have a boohbah party because he likes boohbah so much. Here is a pick of some boohbahs for everybody to see:

We heard good news, some good friends of ours back home had a baby boy! Congrats! We can't wait to see pics, and I may be able to post them, with their permission.

Anyway, I am sorry i post so infrequently. I will try to get a new video and some photos up this weekend. It is hard to have time when all Ian ever does is pull pans out of the oven drawer. Sheesh.

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