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Monday, July 31, 2006

Yah I suck.

Yah, I know I am a terrible terrible blogger but I have many many excuses. The first is visitors. We have had a number of visitors already this summer. Trav's grandparents stayed for a bit, and then my sister came for almost 2 weeks (shout out to Jenni) And I have been working extra hours where I can to make up for it. Weekends are spent on housework and summery activities like swimming and beach-going. I have also had the drama of losing my purse and guess what was in my purse... my digital camera. Sucks to be me. Trav is pretty mad at me for that but I deserve it for losing my stuff. I have replaced my ID and bank stuff and luckily my birth certificates etc were all in the filing cabinet,but alas, no hope for a new camera. I still have the Kodak Advantix which is ok I guess, I can record the Important Moments In Our Lives, but no pics, sadly. Now you all know what to get me for Christmas I guess.
Ian is the biggest water freak in the world. Luckily a trip to Queensland beach taught him a little caution. Every time we take him to any beach he runs right for the water and gets mad when you take him out, but getting knocked down a few times by icy waves of salt water cured him of that! Now he waits for me to go in the water. We took him to the pool on Sunday instead of the beach, and he waited for me before going in! I was so glad, it was much easier. He goes in face first, he isn't scared at all. I am very proud of him.
Summer TV is going ok. Sheldon was booted from Canadian Idol before the top 10, sadly, but he's definitely the most famous person in our Graduating Class! I am now fully behind Rob James. You go buddy! Wait a minute, he just sang. Meh. You should see out by Lawrencetown/Chezzetcook area. Nothing but Vote Chad signs in everybody's yard. I hate that guy. He is so smarmy looking. In Big Brother news, I am so glad all my faves made it in. I want Janelle to win but I love Will for his pure entertainment value. That dude is in control. I also have a Secret Crush on James. Travis thinks he looks shifty but I think he's kinda cute. I hope Erica goes this week because I hate under the radar players.
The rolling stones are coming to Halifax and Travis really wants to go. I don't think we will be able to swing it, though. Oh well. Such is life.
In other Ian news, he sure is a little chatty pants. He says Ana (banana) and tsis (cheese, or shoes, depending on circumstances) eee (kitty) yah (yah) and buh buh (boohbah, oddly enough. it does not mean bottle or big bite. it means boohbah. one of my kid's first words is a TV show. Sigh.
Well I wish I had pics for you all but sadly, I have none. Until the next time (hopefully soon) see ya later, alligators!

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