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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The rest of June 2006

June 29
The Results
Well he was in the bottom 4 but he made it through! Hopefully he picks a better song next time. Until then Woo Hoo!
June 26
Get your voting fingers ready part III

June 21
Get your voting fingers ready part II
Sorry about all the reality tv posts but hey, what can ya do. Big Brother All Stars is getting ready to rumble. Go here to vote for your faves:

Don't care for reality tv? Don't have faves? Well then vote for my faves:


Let's do this thing!

(gee I'm a big dork)

June 20
Get your voting fingers ready!!
Somebody I know is in the top 22 on Canadian Idol! Sheldon Elter, with whom I graduated High School is making it through to the voting round! Everybody watch on Monday and call in to vote!

Check out the link:

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