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I like to bake
But I'm a MOM
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Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Trav got off a bit early today, he got Ian and came and picked me up at work. Ian was happy and smiling in the back seat, then right before we got to Sackville he wasn't so happy. He whined, then fussed, then cried, then wailed. Then he projectile barfed about a gallon of yellow puke all over the back seat of the car. It stank so bad we drove the rest of the way home with the windows rolled down. So poor wet barfy Ian had to sit in the back seat all covered in cold puke while we sat in traffic. We eventually made it home. We cleaned him up, gave him a bath, and scrubbed down the inside of the car. I would have taken a picture but who wants to see that?

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