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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Just to prove a point.

Just to prove that I can manage two blogs, I am posting again. Yes, it's twice in one day. Plus the lasagne. But it's to avoid housework, so there ya go. I always have the excellent intentions but poor follow-through. Only today it isn't in here, it is in the house work. I got the kitchen clean, the floor was starting to look like there was a food fight in there. It was a whole week since I mopped. Not that I am a clean freak or anything (as anybody who has been to my house can attest to) but I have a 19 month old and there is only so much a sane human can take. Then we took down the Christmas tree. Yes, I am aware it is January 7th. Hey, at least it's not Easter! I only knocked it over twice in the process. I then proceeded to clean the living room and vacume. Ian decided to help me. He kept unplugging the vacume as soon as I would turn it on. So I handed him the feather duster and told him to dust. So he walked around "dusting" the cat, carpet, school bus, tv and couch chanting "duhduhduhduh" which I presume meant "dustdustdustdust". At least he knows what he's doing.

I also had an amazing time with the laundry today. I don't know if I have posted here about it but the dryer crapped out near the end of October. We ordered a new one but it has yet to arrive. I have since been challenged with ever increasing piles of dirty clothes, a house that smells like wet socks, and creatively coming up with places to hang laundry. And today, I was blessed. Blessed with a sunny day above freezing, with a breeze, whereby I could finally wash my desperatly dirty sheets. So they all made it onto the line. Sadly, it was EXTREMELY breezy out and so I spent much of the day rescuing my sheets from the neighbor's yard. In the end, however, they all survived, and every sheet I owned is now clean, dry and fresh smelling. Sadly, I have sacrificed most of my clothes pins to do so.

So amongst all the mopping, vacuming, and wrestliing with sheets in the blustery wind, we also managed to get a beautiful lasagne dinner on the table. And not hours after I scrubbed every spot from my kitchen floor, leaving it shiny and gleaming, I placed a plate of that lasagne in front of my son. And now the kitchen floor looks just like it did when I got up this morning.

Sigh. Why do I even bother?

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